About Chess Plugin

This plugin displays a chess board populated with pieces in unicode "algebraic" notation. github

♜a8 ♞b8 ♝c8 ♛d8 ♚e8 ♝f8 ♞g8 ♜h8 ♟a7 ♟c7 ♟d7 ♟e7 ♟f7 ♟g7 ♟h7 ♙a2 ♙b2 ♙c2 ♙d2 ♙e2 ♙f2 ♙g2 ♙h2 ♖a1 ♘b1 ♗c1 ♕d1 ♔e1 ♗f1 ♘g1 ♖h1

Chess is played six kinds of pieces a checkerboard with rows numbered 1 to 8 and columns a to f. Different speakers use different languages to name the pieces but unicode offers universal glyphs for all in two colors.

♛ ♚ ♝ ♞ ♜ ♟ black

♕ ♔ ♗ ♘ ♖ ♙ white

We markup the board positions using figurine algebraic notation of piece-column-row using positions from these letters, not the placement in text. wikipedia

♜a8 ♞b8 ♝c8 ♛d8 ♚e8 ♝f8 ♞g8 ♜h8 ♟a7 ♟b7 ♟c7 ♟d7 ♟e7 ♟f7 ♟g7 ♟h7 ♙a2 ♙b2 ♙c2 ♙d2 ♙e2 ♙f2 ♙g2 ♙h2 ♖a1 ♘b1 ♗c1 ♕d1 ♔e1 ♗f1 ♘g1 ♖h1