Black Architects storyboard

This is a storyboard for a possible video, to promote the campaign we're working on.

To view, it's best to start from a screen where you're viewing this panel, and then the first one or two panels of the storyboard to the right. (Click here if you need to start fresh.) When you get to the end of a panel, just click the link under **"Next panel:"** and it will open to the right. You can use the left and right arrows on your keyboard to scroll through the strip.

(It will not work well on a touchscreen device.)

Please note, the names are somewhat arbitrary - trying to ensure that several organizations are represented in the most appropriate way, but there are many "voices" we could slot in, and I may not have picked the right ones!

# Some existing promo videos Here are some videos that have a "feel" we could emulate. (This storyboard might mean a somewhat longer video than the Kiva videos. The Global Lives Project video is a bit longer. We should discuss desired length, and cut any panels or words that seem unnecessary.)



YOUTUBE 3uFdO8k6IHA This video for the Global Lives Project is longer; its use of compelling footage of the subject matter is worth considering. Can we get shots that convey how the designs of Sims and Varner serve Detroit's Black community?

# Notes Angela: Early on it seems wiki heavy, needs more focus on architecture. (Maybe this is addressed with imagery, though.)

Saundra: The current pilot focuses on Black Detroit architects; but the model may serve other minority groups, women, etc. Language we use should encompass both, but respect the focus of the initial pilot.