Chess Notation

There are a number of systems for capturing the position of a chess board or dynamics of a chess game. It would be nice to see one or more of them incorporated into FedWiki, to be able to capture a game or otherwise facilitate descriptions or discussion of chess. See About Chess Plugin

# Examples and use cases

One use case would be creating a record of games from, which seems to record its games in PGN notation, permitting one to step forward and back in the wiki interface, present a dynamic "screenshot" of a certain board position permitting forward-and-back exploration, captions...

(It seems that makes it difficult to copy the text, at least for free accounts. That's a problem that's well beyond the scope of a simple wiki plugin to address; so, manually typing in the PGN may be necessary.)

Here's a game from, which contains some annotation. I believe this is PGN annotation.

# See also

* A chess site that looks like a simple way to play against a pre-determined opponent: