Golf update, March 2021

We've learned some things, through wiki, TDI Forum, help from a TDI expert. It's probably time to take it to a shop. Here are the issues we're left with:

- The problems with starting, etc., were narrowed down, they are NOT related to the ignition. They seem to result 100% from something on Fuse 5, which controls "cabin comfort" systems. Our guess/hope is one of the switches on the seat heaters, which are easy to replace and/or live without. It also could be the radiator fan controller (?) Should be easy to test. - This likely resulted or is connected to water getting into the car. We found where it is: it's not the sunroof, it's the windshield wiper area. It needs to be cleaned out and probably resealed. - The airbag light is on, ever since Justin tried replacing the ignition switch (removing the steering wheel). - More recently (and maybe unrelated?) the brake light on the dash comes on and it beeps continually. The brakes probably need servicing. - Various access panels were removed throughout, and left off to make it easy to access things. They need to be replaced. - The MetroMile thing needs to be reinstalled (and re-zip-tied). - New battery. - Bubbles needs a bubble bath!! - Be sure to return Dave's battery charger!

# Notes for the shop, April 2021 - Hard rain causes numerous electrical problems - seemingly random dash lights, car will not turn off when key removed (have to choke engine or pop clutch), problems starting. - The worst of the problems result from Fuse 5. A few weeks ago, the starter would crank but not turn over, until Fuse 5 was removed. (Previous mechanic guessed: a bad seat heater switch? Or bad radiator fan controller?) Fuse 5 is currently removed, in console tray. - There may be ANOTHER parasitic draw, and/or the battery needs to be replaced. We have a preferred vendor for a battery if so, please consult. Battery was completely empty after sitting a week in the driveway (with Fuse 5 disconnected). - Rain flows into the car under the steering wheel; insulation in cover was soaked after recent storm. Can the area under the windshield be cleaned/resealed? - Previous mechanic removed steering wheel to replace ignition switch, but determined that ignition switch was NOT the problem. Airbag light has been on since then. - Recently, the brake light on the dash came on, and there was a continuous beep while driving. Do brakes need servicing? - All panels are in the trunk and should be replaced if issues are solved.