__HackMD__ is a web platform that permits collaboration on text documents.

# Distinguishing features - The underlying CodiMD software is free/open source. (Unlike Google Docs; like Etherpad.) - Editing is done in markdown. It is easy to paste formatted text from HackMD into FedWiki. - There is GitHub integration, which makes it possible to automate creation of wiki pages.

# Learning resources - Using HackMD

# Wiki and HackMD

We can use HackMD together with wiki and Github integration to make it easy to:

1. Create Teams in Wiki 1. Create wiki content 1. Edit Github Files collaboratively 1. Create Websites from Wiki

We can do these things knowing that should thhe need arise we can host our own open source project as part of the Commons Server using CodiMD.

# Github Integration

You can link your HackMD account to Github. This gives us a way to not simple store versions and use git workflows in the collaboration, but alos to give us programtic access to the raw markdown files.

You can also add a Chrome Extension that allows you to directly edit markdown from on of your repos in HackMD - chrome.google.com

# Hackmd API

Finally we can explore the idea of using javascript components from CodiMD inside fedwiki (deno) modules.

# Public Team - Free - Unlimited public notes - Unlimited templates - Unlimited synced GitHub public repos - Open shared team workspace - Team profile - Permalinks - Unlimited team members