Ham Radio Operations

We've been operating ham radio station K9OX once again after maybe a decade of inactivity. expand

DX with Modest Equipment. David Haworth. pdf

FT8 Operating Guide. Gary Hinson. pdf pdf

Years of ham radio software. page

# Starting

Joseph Taylor Jr. is an American astrophysicist and Nobel Prize laureate for his discovery with Russell Hulse of a new type of pulsar, a discovery that opened up possibilities for the study of gravitation. wikipedia

New digital modes appear in amateur radio with software downloads and a sound card connection to a suitable laptop computer. FT8 is the new thing logging at least 10x more contacts than any other, or perhaps all other modes combined. post

The WSJT-X application creates a variety of logs. Here we explore the log kept in ADIF format. Time in utc, loc in maidenhead, signal in db. wikipedia

We report and roll up info from the K9OX FT8 Log using html javascript in the Frame plugins. github

We use a script to generate map markers based on including or excluding specific grid squares. Each map shows a larger area minus markers already shown.

The PSK Reporter web application accepts signal reports and maps them based on various queries. Here I retrieve my reports and look for strong signals from far away. site

# Practices

The WSJT plugin will report stations subject to caller pileups. We record such stations on a 10 minute interval and provide a plot of those receiving the most attention.

I turned on the radio early Saturday morning and noticed Japan was dominating the digital spectrum calling Haiti.

I watched all the Japanese operators pileup for HH2AA Haiti on Saturday morning. On Sunday morning I worked my first Japanese station, the first contact outside of North America.

We see a single station dominating our connection diagram and investigate his operating practice.

Our social network diagram brings another exceptional operator to our attention.

Contact rates as high as 500 per hour can be achieved using the exceptional spectral and temporal control offered by digital radio.

# Linking

WSJT-X will report decoding status and accept requests by UDP datagrams. Here we explore how to avail ourselves of that service.

We experiment by collecting FT8 mode payloads as decoded by WSJT-X software and reported to us via UDP.

We look at recent radio traffic and draw associations based on who has confirmed contacts. enlarge github

We'll watch reported and collected decodes over time. View multiple measures over multiple days in one Plot.ly graph. plot

We count events to quantify the activity reported from digital ham radio receivers. We find ourselves trading off statistical properties for temporal resolution.

We prototype a waterfall display reconstructed from decoded data and rendered with d3. chart github

This is the first article in a series of articles about three.js. Three.js is a 3D library that tries to make it as easy as possible to get 3D content on a webpage. d3 3js

# 2020

We're now using SparkSDR talking to Hermes-Lite 2 and listening to decodes on a WebSocket. site

We will serve database backed wiki pages titled by amateur radio callsigns.

# Science

Professor emeritus, astrophysicist, Nobel Prize in Physics laureate, and weak signal digital ham radio innovator.