Sunday Pioneers

This page seems somewhat outdated, but I'll keep it here since it has an example of an interesting time tool.

A group of us meets by web conference every Sunday at 9am Pacific time, to explore Federated Wiki software, generally using the Wikidojo format.

Some of the early exercises included Roland Story and...

Sunday Pioneers IN US/Pacific DATE Sunday TIME 09:00 HERE

Thinking about the future, Dec. 2020

What should we do with the Sunday calls? Discussed a bit at the 12/23/20 Wednesday call. Some notes:

David Bovill: Two conditions are super important to influencing a group's discussion and keeping it on a topic: (1) Setting of context/provocation (2) synthesize divergent opinions at the end of the discussion. Eric points out: Bohm Dialogs and Wikidojo both offer some requisite format.

David offers a theater metaphor to discuss what wiki can really be. There’s deeper social complexity in the interaction between script writers, lighting & set & costume designers, actors, dancers, and an audience.

Ward talks about the importance of bringing existing communities (e.g. those of Marc, Mike Caulfield, Thompson) into the wiki world to see how well the software serves their needs.

David: We may not have sufficient control over the user interface to adapt to the needs of various groups.

Ryan points out LocalWiki as an example of software that aims to serve various communities. (I have a different view on that, I would have rather seen LocalWiki in the last 10 years or so focus on social experience with *various* wiki software, rather than standardizing the software.)

Ward: "Is it a platform or is it a production?" Talks about his experience at Nike. Connects to David's point about a theatrical production. I missed some of the specifics.