Wanted FedWiki Features

This page is for Pete to keep track of things it would be nice to have. They might or might not be ready to propose seriously...ideas are placed here without much regard to how much work they might take to implement. If some become more serious, I may migrate them to other pages with more details about implementation, etc. Sometimes, a wish for a feature results from not understanding the design or other workflows. So just because it's expressed here doesn't mean it's a good idea!

Eric has relevant notes about group priority-setting processes here: 2020-10-25 Folk School

# We read left-to-right When sharing a lineup, the browser window will scroll all the way to the right. But the intention might typically be to have the reader start at the left, and move to the right as they absorb the panels. Maybe there is a way to make the default view focus on the leftmost end of the lineup. Example

# Sometimes you want to copy, not move Ah, and you can! Just hold shift (like anywhere else) when dragging an element between columns. Also, see Miller columns , a design feature Ward mentions.

# More public comment and suggest

# Sharing to a limited audience

# Redirects and page moves

# Piped page names

# Sharing with a non-wiki audience Sometimes you want to share a page with somebody in a context where drawing attention to FedWiki is an unneeded distraction. An ability to share a link to a lineup that does NOT include the icon link back to "Welcome Visitors" would be nice.