Wikipedia 20 Park Bench discussion

YOUTUBE KHcjugdQg3s Ward Cunningham interviews Pete Forsyth

YOUTUBE 82DF38WK4O8 Lane Rasberry interviews Ward Cunningham

YOUTUBE atCjTJHhb0I Robert Deutsch interviews Lane Rasberry

YOUTUBE 6phVxma8-hA Sherry Antoine interviews Robert Deutsch

YOUTUBE 4Npngu6w5aU Jackie Koerner interviews Sherry Antoine

YOUTUBE aoeOxuZKLVw Mac Smiff interviews Jackie Koerner

YOUTUBE ceTHgwvVQA0 Pete Forsyth interviews Mac Smiff

YOUTUBE 8-5eIK9Fkvw Questions and answers

YOUTUBE bUrarBuietI Part of the Wikidojo session