Wikipedia's 20th Birthday

Wikipedia turned 20 on January 15, 2021.

YOUTUBE mECLee_UVZo We held several events to honor Wikipedia's 20th birthday. Here is the "Park Bench" discussion with Ward and Pete (from the Wikidojo group) and several others.


Event structure

There will be two portions, loosely connected: one produced by David Bovill , ~4pm London, and one produced by Pete Forsyth, ~4pm Pacific.

HTML5 webm Pete's portion explores themes similar to this panel he moderated for the 15th Birthday. - Source

# Pete's portion of the event: - __Wikipedia 20 Park Bench discussion__: A diverse group of commentators discussed Wikipedia's 20th birthday, followed by questions. - __Wikipedia 20 Wikidojo__: any may participate. A "pilot" drives a shared screen as they edit wiki for 7 minutes; a "navigator" verbally guides. (1 hour)

The Park Bench participants include: - Ward Cunningham, inventor of wiki - Alexandria Lockett, pioneer of Wikipedia as a teaching tool - Jackie Koerner, editor of Wikipedia @20 - Mac Smiff, editor and social justice activist

__Conclusion__ (further planning needed) Needs to tie in themes of One World, climate change/One Football, social justice, journalism, and promote opportunities to remain engaged.

Further relevant details

Wikipedia's 20th roughly coincides with 25 years of wiki, 10 years of FedWiki, 10 years of Wikidata, 10 years of Wiki Strategies.

Wikipedians around the world celebrated Wikipedia's 15th Birthday; see videos etc.

Wikipedia @20 is a book of essays. Pete wrote a chapter: Trusting Everybody to Work Together.

Worth knowing about: The Wikimedia Foundation offers "Rapid Grants" that could cover something like we're discussing. I (Pete) am not interested in funding from them, but it's probably an easy grant ($500 to 2000) if anybody else is interested. It wouldn't be reviewed/approved in time for Jan. 15, but it could be a boost for follow-on events.