Pete Forsyth Recommends

Pete brings us links to sites that might be too long or require too much thought to appreciate during our online conversations. We'll track them down later.

How Wikipedia dodged public outcry that plagues social media platforms. post

Trusting Everybody to Work Together, a chapter for the book "Wikipedia at 20." Trusting Everybody to Work Together

The fabric of experiences that have become common in the streets of Portland. post

A tutorial for SPARQL Queries (the query language for SQARQL

The End of Big, a book by Nicco Mele about the dangers of Internet "disruption."

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. This is a book based on a class, that uses writing (mainly) as a tool for exploring and learning about one's own creativity. I can't yet recommend it from personal experience, as I've only just begun with it; but it comes highly recommended, and seems very sensible.