Pete Forsyth

Pete Forsyth. Photo by Ellis Christopher, licensed CC-BY.

I have been using wiki software since the early 2000s. My interests are mostly around effective practices in using software that supports written collaboration. I am not much of a coder, and the technical side of things is more of a secondary interest for me.

My work generally centers on English Wikipedia, and extends into Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, Wikisource, etc. I have written on these topics, and through my consulting business, Wiki Strategies , I advise clients on how to engage effectively and ethically in the Wikimedia space. I'm also intermittently prolific on these topics on Twitter: PeteForsyth

A current project I've discussed in the Federated Wiki space is the News On Wiki campaign, which aims to generate many new Wikipedia articles about local newspapers, to improve the search results people find within Google and other web search engines when trying to distinguish between good and bad news sources. This campaign was begun by Mike Caulfield, and I've worked closely with Sherry Antoine, Lane Rasberry, and others on it.

More Info

Ward started a page here for reading etc. that Pete Forsyth Recommends.

There is also Tips from Pete, which is mostly about the Wikidojo format we use, and I've made a page for Recommended Movies too.

I've forked the page Morning Steps to start recording how I like to go about my mornings.


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