Platforms of the Fediverse

Federated Wiki benefits from supplementary communication platforms. This page lists some of these supplementary platforms, with commentary.

(This synergy might be contrasted with something like Wikipedia, which may rely on talk pages, Wikipedia-space coordination pages, and sophisticated edit history/edit summary for a great deal of communication; see Forsyth Criteria.)

# Platforms we use - Regular group video conferences (Wednesday and Sunday mornings, Pacific Time). We often use Zoom and Google Meet, and we would like to be using FOSS programs like Jitsi. See Sunday Pioneers - (which is based on something called Matrix and/or Riot?) An instant messaging app, with a federation model. - Telegram: Messaging client, more widespread in the wider world, not specifically used for FedWiki but many users are on it. - Ad hoc use of email, SMS… - HackMD: A FOSS platform with some similarity to Google Docs. Has markdown editing capabilities. Hazy about commenting and suggesting features. - Twitter: Many of us use this social media platform, especially for announcing our video conferences. - Google Docs: Nobody likes using a Google platform, but this is widely used and has some unique and useful features, like suggestions and commenting. - Qiqochat: A platform for managing multiple Zoom rooms, e.g. for a conference. Not FOSS, but made by a known hacker.