Server plans

Following an upgrade to my Internet, I plan to experiment with setting up some servers on my home network. This will require learning about a number of things. I'll try to map that out here.

# Hardware - Mac Mini 1.83 (2007) - HP 260-a010 - Dell Optiplex 390 - Buffalo Linkstation LS220DE - Raspberry Pi 3B (is this correct model?)

# Services I've set up

Setting up Storj passive income, share hard drives.

Dynamic DNS to accommodate lack of static IP

# Services I'm considering

NextCloud makes it possible to do Dropbox-like stuff from your own network. Setting up NextCloud

A simple file server is TrueNAS Core

pi-hole network-wide ad blocking

DMZ: Probably not necessary for my setup?

UPS: Might be worthwhile to get a UPS, for Internet equipment and one or more of these servers?

Kodi media center: I'll use a Raspberry Pi 3 for this. I'll need a good USB power adapter, (maybe a new) micro SD card. Need to get MPEG2 and maybe VP1 licenses.

Clive recommends: perkeep (home hosted photo and/or large file server)

Beets - to organize music

# Operating system What operating system(s) should I use? I am most familiar with Ubuntu variants. - Debian: I have successfully installed Debian 10.9 (Buster) on the Dell. Similar enough to Ubuntu, I could see using this. - Raspbian: For the Raspberry Pi, probably the best choice. Totally new for me. - Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS seems like a reasonable choice too.

# Secure shell Secure shell

# Disk or partition encryption

Some instructions here

# Backups I'll have to learn something about proper backups on a Linux system. Backups on Linux # Random tips - will return your IP address (only) - 2021-04-18 SSH Wizardry SSH tunneling - - centralized logging - Prevent server from sleeping - List of registered ports